Cheese Balls No. 1

One hard-boiled egg, cut in half. Take out the yolk, rub fine, and mix with it two level tablespoonfuls of find bread crumbs, and two teaspoonfuls of white sauce. Season with salt and pepper, and form into balls. Make-one-half cup of white sauce; when done, add two tablespoonfuls of cheese, hold over a slow fire, and stir constantly until melted, then put into this the balls, and heat. When hot, put the balls into the egg white cups, and pour over them the sauce. Prepare in same way the number of eggs desired.

Cheese Balls No. 2

Use any cold cooked rice, - that cooked in milk preferred. Use one cup of rice and one-third cup of grated cheese. Mix together, stir into it the well-beaten yolk of one egg, season with salt to taste, then fold in the egg white, beaten stiff. Form into balls, and bake in a slow oven ten minutes. Serve hot. Cheese balls are nice as a luncheon dish.

Cheese Mushes

Cheese may be used in all mushes made of wheat. Stir the grated cheese into the mush after it is cooked, but just before removing from the fire. Cheese requires little cooking.

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