Maple and Nut Bar - Class Rule

One-third pound of maple sugar, one-fourth cup of cream, one-eighth cup of boiling water, one-sixth cup of walnuts. Proceed as in home rule.

Nut Roll

Nut roll is usually appreciated by the children.

One ounce blanched almonds, one ounce English walnuts, one ounce pecan nuts, one ounce pistachio nuts. Mix the above with one-half pound of fondant, and flavor with almond extract. Roll out and cut into desired form.

Another variety may be made by grating fresh cocoa-nut, and mixing with the fondant.

Fruit Balls

Chop together one ounce citron, six raisins, one table-spoonful of currants, one fig and three walnut meats. Mix with these a piece of fondant the size of an egg. Roll into balls a little larger than a hazel nut, and place on oiled paper to harden. Cover such with fondant flavored with vanilla. This is done by flattening a piece of fondant in the hand, then rolling around the ball, or melt the fodant, and dip same as directed for cholocate creams.

Cocoanut Bar

Two cups of sugar, one cup of water or milk, one-fourth teaspoonful of cream tartar, or use two level tablespoons of glucose, one-fourth pound dessicated cocoanut. Stir all but cocoanut until thoroughly dissolved, then cook gently until it forms a soft ball in cold water. Remove immediately from the fire, and when ready, - that is cooled a little, - beat until white, then add cocoanut, and pour out at once. It should be soft and creamy. Fresh-grated cocoanut is better than dessicated.

Chocolate Caramels

Cream well together one-eighth of a pound of unsweetened chocolate, one-fourth cup of sugar, one-fourth cup of molasses, one-fourth cup of milk or cream, and two table-spoonfuls of butter. Boil all together until the candy cracks when tried in cold water, then pour one-half inch thick in a buttered pan. When nearly cold, mark into small squares. Great care must be taken in cooking, or the caramels will be burned. Do not stir while cooking, but scrape from bottom to prevent burning.

Caramel Creams No. 1

Two pounds sugar, one cup of thick cream, two ounces of fresh butter. Melt sugar with one-half cup water. When the mixture boils, pour in cream very slowly, stirring, then add butter and flavoring, stirring gently, but constantly. As soon as the syrup is brittle, and has the odor of caramel, pour out and beat, mark as chocolate caramel.

Caramel Creams No. 2

Milk, one cup; sugar, one cup; molasses, one cup; chocolate, one square (grated) ; one tablespoonful of butter; one teaspoonful of vanilla. Put all the ingredients except the vanilla into a saucepan, and boil without stirring until it forms a soft ball when placed in cold water. Remove from the fire, and stir until it thickens. Then take into the hands and knead, working the vanilla into it. Form into balls, and after it has dried a little, dip in white fondant melted over hot water, and flavored with vanilla. Or when it thickens, pour quickly into a buttered dish and mark in squares.