To Make Chocolate Creams

As soon as the white fondant is kneaded until soft and creamy, flavor it to taste with vanilla, and shape it into forms a little smaller than those found at the confectioner's stands, drop on paraffine paper, and let stand until they dry a very little, while you prepare the coating. Confectioners' chocolate gives a coating more satisfactory in appearance and flavor, but the common bakers' chocolate is very good. Grate the chocolate into a teacup. Place the cup in a basin of boiling water, or on the top of the teakettle, but see that no water gets into the cup. When melted, flavor with vanilla. Place a prepared cream on a fork or candy tongs, dip into the cup of melted chocolate, let drain slightly, and place on paraffine paper to dry.

To Make Chocolate Almonds

Shell and blanch a pound of almonds, and dry them with a cloth. Put a teaspoonful of melted butter in a pan, and shake the almonds about until greased all over, then roast in the oven until a delicate brown. Melt together a half cup of fondant and one and one-half squares of grated chocolate. Stir until thoroughly mixed, and flavor with vanilla, if desired. Dip the almonds same as chocolate creams, and dry on paraffine paper. Peanurs, walnuts, or pecans can be dipped in the same manner.

Marsh Mallows

One ounce of granulated gum arabic, cover with cold water and let soak one hour, then set the bowl containing it in hot water until the gum arabic is thoroughly dissolved. Strain into double boiler and add one-half cup of granulated sugar and stir continually over the fire in the upper part of double boiler with water under it for at least twenty minutes. Take from the fire and beat until stiff and white. Return to the fire and allow to remain until hot, then add one teaspoonful of vanilla and the well-beaten whites of two eggs; mix well together and pour into molds dusted well with powdered sugar.


One level teaspoonful of glucose, two cups of granulated sugar, one cup of milk or water, two tablespoonfuls of butter, two squares of chocolate (grated) and a dash of salt. Put all except the chocolate into a saucepan and boil until it will form a soft ball in cold water. Add the chocolate and as soon as it is melted remove from the fire, flavor with vanilla, beat well, pour into a greased mold, and when partly cool mark into squares.

Cream Candy

To one pound of granulated sugar allow one teaspoon-ful of vinegar, one teaspoonful of flavoring, one-half a teaspoonful of glucose, and one cupful of water. Boil the sugar, vinegar, water, and glucose together until it snaps when tested in water. Add the flavoring, pour out on a greased platter, and when cool enough to handle, pull until white. One-half teaspoonful of cream of tartar may be used instead of the glucose.

Cream Candy No. 2. - Mrs. Clark

Four pounds of granulated sugar, one pint rich cream, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one pint of water. Let the sugar dissolve before it boils. After it begins to boil, pour the cream in slowly, so as not to stop the boiling, taking perhaps five minutes to put the cream in. Cook to cracking point (twenty to thirty minutes), so that, when dropped into water, the stick formed can be broken on the side of the bowl. Take off and pour on a slightly greased marble slab, and let cool. Lift from the slab a piece here and there with the fingers to facilitate cooling and pull until white and creamy. It will grain if pulled when warm. It is better after standing a few days.