Cream Candy - (For Class Work.)

One pound sugar, one-half cup cream, one-half cup of water. Proceed as in home rule.

Wintergreen and Peppermint Creams

One and one-half cups sugar, one cup boiling water, cream of tartar one-half size of a pea. Boil to a soft ball, and treat same as fondant. When stirred to a proper consistency, color a delicate pink, and drop on oiled paper. For flavoring use six drops of peppermint or wintergreen for the above amount.

Almond Creams

Shell and blanch almonds, and dip in fondant flavored with almond extract.

Orange Creams

Make small flattened balls of white fondant, and flavor with orange and coat with orange-colored fondant.

Creamed Dates

Take out date seeds, and fill the cavity with fondant, then cover with fondant.


The centers of bonbons are made of fondant, shaped in small balls. These may be covered with chocolate, etc. When white is used, flavor as desired, vanilla is preferred. Do not make coating too intense. May dip walnut kernels several times for bonbons, also dates, figs, almonds and raisins.

Tutti Frutti Candy

Put into the bottom of a greased pan a layer of maple fondant, well mixed with nuts. Color the second layer with pink, flavor, and mix with it candied cherries cut in quarters, and figs chopped fine. Make the third layer white, flavor with vanilla, and mix with fine chopped cherries, candied nuts, and candied pineapple. Pour a thin layer of plain white fondant over the top.

Stuffed Dates

Stuffed dates help to make variety. Remove the seeds from the dates and put in their places white rolls of fondant. Candied cherries are stuffed in the same way.

Stuffed Raisins

Cut each raisin into two parts, and remove the seeds. Put in a small roll of fondant. Put the two parts together again, dip the raisin in egg white, and roll in the small colored candies used for decorating cakes.

Candied Nuts

Dip nut kernels into white or tinted fondant, and let harden on oiled paper.

Uncooked Candies

The cooked candies are more desirable, but it is sometimes more convenient to make the uncooked candies.

Beat the white of an egg very stiff. Then add two tablespoonfuls of water. Put in enough powdered sugar to make a thick batter, and stir in cocoanut (grated fresh) until it can be handled. Roll into balls, dip in beaten egg, and cover the outside with as much cocoanut as can be made to adhere to it.

Uncooked Chocolate Creams

Beat the white of one egg very stiff, and beat into it two tablespoonfuls of sweet cream. Stir in confectioners' sugar until very stiff. Form into balls with the hands, let dry a few minutes, and coat as chocolate creams.

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