Popcorn Balls

Pop a basin of corn. Remove all hard and partially popped grains. Boil molasses until it will hair, pour it over the popped corn, which has been sprinkled with salt. Use only enough molasses to make the corn stick together. Form into balls or pack in a pan greased with butter. If packed in a pan, set to cool, then turn out and cut into shapes desired. One-fourth as much sugar as molasses and a little butter may be used in the syrup, in the proportion of one teaspoonful of butter to one cup of syrup.

Tinted Popcorn Balls

Make same as above, except use white sugar instead of molasses and color slightly with red vegetable coloring.

Popcorn Cake

Pop the corn and allow it to become cold, then roll with a rolling pin to break the grains somewhat, or grind the corn in coffee mill, pour over it a mixture prepared same as for popcorn balls, but use a little more than for balls. Pack in a narrow pan, and when cold and firm, slice.

Popcorn and Nut Cake

Make same as popcorn cake except add one-third as much chopped nuts as shelled corn. Use hazel nuts, peanuts or walnuts. Children enjoy plain popcorn with milk or cream.