Regularity with regard to meals saves time, health, patience and money.

Success or failure depends on the manner of doing the many small things which form the sum total of our housework.

"There is no substitute for thorough going, for ardent and sincere earnestness in the home." - Dickens.

Vinegar cruets should be cleaned inside by filling with ammonia water, lye water, or with water containing a little baking soda, allowing them to soak, and then washing well with soapsuds.

Water bottles can be cleaned by filling with vinegar, allowing to soak well and washing in soapsuds and wiping dry and polishing with a soft cloth.

For cleaning the inside of a glass lamp use lye or strong soapsuds and soak several hours. The mixture should be as hot as can be used.

To prevent oil gathering on the outside of the lamp, turn the wick below the tube before setting the lamp away.

To clean lamp burners and wicks, boil in a strong solution of soap, water, and kerosene, then rinse and wipe dry.

Lamp flues may often be successfully cleaned by placing the hand over the lower end, blowing into the chimney, then wiping inside with a soft paper or cloth.

An old stiff tooth brush is useful in removing the charred portion from a lamp wick.

Egg stains can be removed from silver by rubbing with salt on a damp cloth.

Generally speaking, the temperature of cold storage rooms is about 340 F.

Tender fruits to be kept in cold storage for a few days should be just ripe; they will keep better than when un-der-ripe.-Siebel.

Green fruits and vegetables should not be allowed to wither.

Sour fruit will bear less cold than sweet fruit.

Frozen fish must necessarily lose some of their juices in cooking and should be used only in the close season when fresh fish cannot be obtained.

June butter is best, if one must have butter packed and stored.

Frozen oysters should never be used.

Eggs to be stored for use later must be strictly fresh, all bad ones culled out by candling.

Eggs will absorb bad odors and should not be stored with cheese or other articles exhaling a strong odor.

All foul air in storage rooms must be removed by ventilation if the best results are secured.

To keep meat fresh, hang in a cold, dry place and allow the air to circulate freely about it.

When frozen meat must be used, it should be thawed very gradually.

All green vegetables should be bright and crisp.

When buying eggs choose those which are heavy in proportion to size.

Mushrooms have a fine flavor, but small food value.

To Remove Onion Odor from Hands

Rub the hands thoroughly with salt, then wash them in clear water.

To Remove Stains from Egg Shells

When eggs have become stained as they often do from lying in the nest with damp hay or grass the shells may be made bright and clean by soaking the egg over night in milk, either sweet or sour, then washing in clear water.

To Make Dry Yeast

The following formula makes two gallons of yeast before dried:

Put one pint of loose hops in a saucepan, and pour one pint of boiling water over them and let steep ten minutes. Strain the hop water and pour one cup of it into a bowl, and while it is still hot add flour enough to make a thick batter. Have the yeast ready and use two cakes of compressed yeast mixed with a little water or one whole package of yeast foam soaked in water until soft. When the hop batter is just luke warm stir the yeast and sugar into it, set aside and let rise over night. In the morning stir into it five freshly boiled and finely mashed good sized potatoes and a teaspoonful of salt. Thicken with corn meal and dry at once in a current of air. This yeast will make very good bread if used fresh.