Beet Croquettes

Two good-sized beets, one cup of milk, three level ta-blesoonfuls of butter, six level tablespoonfuls of flour, one-half teaspoonful of paprika, one teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth teaspoonful of mace, one teaspoonful of onion juice. Make the butter, flour, and milk into a sauce, put in the seasoning. Chop the beets fine, and moisten with the sauce. Form into croquettes, let cool, coat, and fry in deep fat. Serve with a sauce.

Sauce for Croquettes

Two level tablespoonfuls of flour, two level table-spoonfuls of butter, one cup of milk, one-half teaspoon-ful of paprika, one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, flavor with one drop of onion juice.

Lobster Croquettes or Cutlets

Make sauce with two tablespoonfuls of butter, three tablespoonfuls of flour, and one cup of milk. Season with salt, pepper, mustard, and lemon juice. Add one pint of diced lobster, and spread on a platter to cool. When cool, shape into cutlets or croquettes, roll in bread crumbs, then in beaten eggs, then in crumbs again, and fry in hot fat. Serve with mock bisque sauce.

Croquettes, like oysters, require very hot fat, because easily cooked. When the food is taken from the fat, put in a piece of potato. Never leave hot fat with nothing in it for an instant.

Mock Bisque Sauce

From two-thirds of a cup of strained tomato, one table-spoonful of butter, and one tablespoonful of flour, make a sauce. When cooked, remove from the stove, and stir into it one-third of a cup of sweet cream (putting in only a few drops at a time), and stirring constantly. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with lobster croquettes.

Rice Croquettes

Cook the rice in the double boiler, using three times as much boiling water as rice, salt to taste, flavor with orange, and mix with white sauce. To half a pint of rice use the white of an egg and a few drops of orange extract, half a teaspoonful of butter, and a teaspoonful of cream. Form into balls, coat with egg, roll in cracker crumbs, coat again with egg, and fry in deep fat until a good brown. Or they may be made by simply mixing the drained rice with egg white, using one egg to each cup of rice. Coat and fry as before.

Sauce for Serving Rice Croquettes

To one cup of fruit juice, strawberry, blackberry, or raspberry, add one-half cup of sugar in which has been mixed one level tablespoonful of cornstarch or two level teaspoonfuls of arrowroot, boil until it thickens and serve with the croquettes. Water may be used instead of fruit juice and fresh fruit cut in pieces and put in while the sauce is hot.

Chicken Croquettes

One-half cup of chicken, chopped very fine, one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth teaspoonful of celery salt, a dash of cayenne pepper, one-sixth of a teaspoonful of white pepper, two drops of onion juice, one-half tea-spoonful of parsley, chopped fine, one-half teaspoonful of lemon juice. Mix with this white sauce to make the croquettes as soft as it is possible to handle them. Form into shapes desired, roll in egg slightly beaten with two tablespoonfuls of water or milk, then in crumbs (very fine), again in the egg, then again in crumbs, and fry in deep fat until a nice brown. They can be handled more easily if, before forming, the meat and sauce, mixed together, be spread on a plate and allowed to cool.