Cream Sauce for Mixing Croquettes

One-half cup of broth or whole milk (chicken or veal broth is used), one level tablespoonful butter, two level tablespoonfuls flour, one-eighth of a teaspoonful of salt, one-eighth teaspoonful of celery salt, one-eighth teaspoon-ful of pepper, a speck of cayenne pepper.

Serve the chicken croquettes with mushroom or bechamel sauce, or with mock bisque or cream sauce.

Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom sauce is made by adding one tablespoonful of lemon juice to one cup cream sauce, also one-half cup cooked mushrooms cut in pieces. Brown sauce may be used instead of white.

Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce is made by making white sauce with clear stock and cream, instead of milk, and is highly seasoned. One whole egg, or two beaten yolks, are added just before serving.

Potato Croquettes

One cup of mashed potatoes, one-half tablespoonful of butter, very little pepper, both white and cayenne, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth of a teaspoon-ful of celery salt, two drops of onion juice. Form into croquettes, let cool, coat, and fry.

Meat and Rice Croquettes

Use equal parts of cold boiled rice and finely hashed meat. Mix together, season with pepper and salt, make as moist with white sauce as a chicken croquette, form into balls, let cool, roll in egg and fine bread crumbs, and fry in deep fat. These are very nice moistened with a tomato sauce instead of a white sauce.

To Saute Meat Croquettes

Either meat or rice and meat croquettes may be made into flat cakes, rolled in egg, then in bread crumbs, and sauted in clarified butter or bacon fat. Brown nicely on each side and serve hot.

Rice and Sausage Hash

Mix together equal parts of cold sausage and cold boiled rice. Mix with this enough unseasoned white sauce or left-over gravy to make it cling together. Butter the omelet pan, and dust with bread crumbs. Place in this the hash, press down with a knife, and cover. When it is brown on the bottom, and thoroughly heated through, fold like an omelet, turn onto a warm platter, and serve hot. Potato Hash.

Finely hashed cold boiled potatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley, and onions, if desired. To this add enough white sauce or cold gravy to make the particles cling together, but not enough to make a mushy mass. Put into an omelet pan prepared as for sausage hash and cook in the same way. Or use as much stale diced bread as you have potatoes, put together, and cook as potato hash.

Fish Hash

Melt a tablespoonful of butter in a saucepan, add one cup of water or milk, and two cups of any kind of cold fresh fish, freed from skin and bones, and picked into small pieces. Season to taste, simmer five minutes, and serve on slices of dipped toast. Hard-boiled eggs may always be added to hashed fish, also a flavoring of minced parsley, if liked. Any fish sauce left over from a previous meal may be used instead of milk or water for moistening the hash.