Family Hash

To prepare the spider for hash, grease well, and cover lightly with bread crumbs. If meat is tough, simmer until tender. Mix chicken, veal, and sweetbreads, but better not have lamb or mutton. Use more potato than meat, season well, and moisten with gravy or white sauce, and cook fifteen minutes, or long enough to form a nice brown crust at bottom.

Hash Cakes

One cup of cold, hashed meat, one cup of cold mashed potatoes, one egg, beaten light. Mix all together, season to taste with salt and pepper, form into balls or cakes, and brown in a hot frying pan containing a little fat of some kind.

Beef Hash in Tomato Cups

Use cold beef, hashed quite fine, and cold hashed, boiled potatoes in equal parts. Season with salt and pepper, and a little butter. Wash and wipe firm, ripe tomatoes. Cut them in half, and take out the inside, and fill the shell with hash. Cover the top with buttered crumbs, and bake in a dripping pan in a medium hot oven, until hash is hot.

Turkey and Oyster Hash

Cut cold boiled or roast turkey into pieces as large as medium-sized oysters. Use turkey or chicken broth. Put two or more cups of the prepared meat into a saucepan, and enough of the broth to cover it. Set on the back of the range, and let simmer until tender. Cook in another saucepan two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour until well mixed, but not brown. Add two cups of the turkey broth, and let simmer five minutes. Add a pint of oysters, rinsed and drained. Stir gently with a wooden spoon, and as soon as the edges curl and separate add the turkey meat, season to taste, and serve with or without toast.

Hashed Brown Potatoes

Scatter one teaspoonful of bread crumbs over a buttered omelet pan before putting the potatoes into it. Use white sauce to moisten the potatoes, but do not make too moist, season with salt and pepper. Fry until brown on the bottom, and fold like an omelet.

Apple Toast

Toast slices of bread a nice brown. Make an apple sauce, and put a layer of buttered toast into the dish, cover with apple sauce, then put in another layer, and cover it. Let the toast and apple sauce both be hot when put together, and serve hot.

Egg Toast

Cut slices of stale bread about half an inch thick, and toast a delicate brown. Pour boiling water into a shallow basin, dip the toast in this water, turn over, lay on a warm plate, and spread with butter. Chop hard-boiled eggs, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and spread over the toast.

Riced Egg on Toast

Prepare the toast as above. Shell the egg, put in a potato ricer, and squeeze over the top of the toast.

Dry Toast

Cut slices of dry bread about half an inch thick. Dry the surface somewhat, either in the oven or over the fire, before the slice is browned. Toast should be of a golden brown color on the outside, and crisp and dry. Fresh bread which is carbonized on the outside, and clammy within, is not what a wise person would call toast, or offer to his stomach when it needed toast.