One and one-half cups of flour, one cup of milk, one egg, well beaten, one-half teaspoonful of salt, stir until thoroughly mixed. To fry the timbales, put the batter into a teacup, heat the timbale iron in the fat, and when hot enough to cause the batter to adhere, lower the iron into the cup of batter to within one-half inch of the top, then put into the hot fat, and fry until the cup slips from the iron.

Minced chicken, turkey, or veal with white sauce are good to fill the timbale cups. To make a large timbale, butter a dish, and line it with cooked rice, then put in the minced meat, and bake until the rice is a nice brown. A tomato sauce may be used with the meat (in this case) instead of the white sauce.

Deviled Meats

Deviled meats are like scalloped meats, except they are more highly seasoned, and. cut finer.

Giblets With Mushrooms

Cook chicken giblets, and chop them, or cut into dice. Make a brown sauce (page 517) of chicken or veal broth, with the mushroom liquor added from half a can of mushrooms. Put the giblets and mushrooms in, let it boil, season, and serve.

Mock Pate de Fois Gras

One calf's liver, one calf's tongue, one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, one-fourth of a nutmeg, one-half tea-spoonful of cloves, one teaspoonful Worcestershire sauce, one teaspoonful of onion juice. Cook the liver in boiling salted water until tender, let cool and grate. Mix the seasoning with the liver, mashing it very fine. Put in a dish alternate layers of liver and tongue, cut in small, thin slices to resemble truffles.

Turkish Pilaf

Strained and seasoned tomato, one cup; stock, one cup; rice, two-thirds cup; butter, one-half cup; salt, one tea-spoonful ; pepper, one-fourth teaspoonful. Cook one pint of tomatoes with one small chopped onion, one sprig of parsley, two cloves, and two pepper corns ten rhinuteS, and strain. This gives the one cup of tomato. Wash the rice through three waters, and put in top of double boiler. Add stock, tomato, salt, and pepper. Steam one hour, or until the rice is tender and dry. Put the butter in bits on top. Do not stir, but cover with a towel, let stand to absorb all moisture (ten minutes), and serve.

Stuffed Onions

Remove the husks from medium-sized, perfect onions. Cut off about one-third of the onions at the top, and remove the inner part, leaving only a shell or cup. Fill this with finely hashed meat and potato, in equal parts, seasoned with pepper and salt, and moistened with cold gravy. Cover the top with bread crumbs seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter. Place in a dripping pan, and bake in not too hot an oven until the onion is soft, but not cooked enough to mush or break. Serve hot for luncheon or supper.

Stale Bread Griddle Cakes

Use crusts and ends of bread for this. Put the stale bread in a bowl, and pour over it as much hot sweet milk as it will absorb. Let stand over night, then mash through the colander, and add half as much flour as there is pulp, and mix as other griddle cakes with sweet milk. To make with soda, soak the bread in buttermilk, and proceed as for griddle cakes with soda.