Creamed Hamburg on Toast

One-half cup of milk, two teaspoonfuls flour, two tea-spoonfuls butter, one-fourth cup (scant) chopped, fresh meat. Heat the butter and flour together, and pour the cold milk over it. Cook four or five minutes, stirring all the time, and add the meat. Let boil, and serve.

Creamed Codfish With Evaporated Cream

One tablespoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls flour, one cup shredded codfish, stirred in one cup of cold water, and drained. Use in sauce one-half cup of evaporated cream, and one-half cup of water. Heat butter and flour together, pour the liquid over it. Cook four or five minutes, stirring constantly, and add the codfish. Boil, and serve.

Codfish Balls

Soak the codfish, and prepare the same as for creamed codfish. Take two measures of mashed potato to one of the prepared codfish. Mix the codfish and potato, break an egg into this, beat with a spoon until thoroughly mixed, form into balls and fry in deep fat.

Pressed Chicken

Boil a fowl in as little water as possible until the gristly portions are soft, and the bones slip out. Remove all objectionable portions, and chop the two pounds of veal, which has been boiled with the fowl. Butter a dish, and spread in a thin layer over the bottom, the hashed veal, which has been seasoned and mixed with a portion of the chicken stock, boiled down one-fourth. Put in strips, alternately, of the white and dark meat portions of the chicken, and thin slices of ham and red tongue. Put in another layer of hash, and alternate with the strips of meat, hard-boiled eggs, cut lengthwise, and laid cut side down. Lastly put on a layer of hash. Set away to cool with a weight on the dish.

Chicken Terrapin

One pint of chicken, diced, or one and one-half pints, if minced, one level tablespoonful of butter, one level table-spoonful of flour, one-fourth cup of cream, one-fourth cup of chicken broth or milk, giblets of chicken, minced fine, one-eighth of teaspoonful of mace, cloves, and red pepper, all powdered, and about equal parts, one-half tablespoon-ful of lemon juice and currant jelly, mixed, three drops of extract of lemon. Mix the seasoning with the flour. Make the white sauce, mix the meat with it, and let boil. Serve on toast.

Eggs in Anchovy Sauce

One cup of milk, two level tablespoonfuls of flour, two level tablespoonfuls of butter. Make a white sauce. Use one teaspoonful to three of anchovy paste, as liked. Moisten toast with milk, mix the paste with the white sauce, lay the sliced eggs on the toast, and pour the sauce over it.

Creamed Eggs

Cook two hard-boiled eggs, cut whites in half, remove yolks, and set these small cups on a platter. Mash the yolks, and add to them one-third as much seasoned bread crumbs, moisten with white sauce, shape into balls with spoon, and place a ball in each white cup. Pour the white sauce on and around them on the platter, cover with seasoned bread crumbs, set in oven, and brown. Serve on the platter on which they are baked.

White sauce: One teaspoonful butter, two teaspoon-fuls flour, one-half cup milk, cooked together.