Sweetbreads and Mushrooms on ToastBlanch the sweetbreads by allowing to lie in salted water for a time, then put to cook in boiling salted water, and let cook until tender. Let cool in the water in which they were cooked. Separate at the natural division lines, and free from inedible parts. Prepare a white sauce, using- three-fourths of a cup of chicken or veal broth, and one-fourth of a cup of sweet cream. Put into a saucepan over the fire one and one-half level tablespoonfuls of flour, and one of butter. Stir until smooth, then add the liquid, and stir constantly, allowing to thicken, and then boil a few rninutes. Season to taste, add the sweetbreads, and about one-sixth as many button mushrooms, let boil, pour over nicely-browned toast, and serve.

Breast of Chicken in Cream

Tear out the breast of a cold boiled chicken in two parts. Make a sauce of chicken broth, flour and butter or milk thickened with flour and butter, same as for sweetbreads. Put the chicken breasts into it, boil up, and serve garnished with calf's liver cooked in chicken broth, and cut to resemble chicken livers.

Boiled Tongue With Tomato Sauce

Freshen a tongue in cold water, then cook in boiling water until tender. Serve hot with a dressing made from strained tomatoes, to which the browning from the roasting pan has been added, using one-fourth as much browning as tomato. Thicken same as tomato sauce for meats. Skewer the tip of the tongue to the base before cooking, to keep in place.

Mock Terrapin

Make a brown sauce as follows: Put into a saucepan one and one-half tablespoonfuls of flour, and one of butter. Stir until a nice brown, then add one cup of beef broth, minus two tablespoonfuls, which have been mixed with one tablespoonful of flour. When the liquid boils, pour the mixture into it and cook until it thickens, then add cooked veal freed from hard parts and cut into small dice, and a few canned button mushrooms. Season to taste, and serve.

Luncheon Sweet Potatoes

Wash and steam sweet potatoes of equal and medium size. When tender, remove the skins and cut once length-wise. Mix together equal parts of butter and sugar, and add hot water to make of the consistency of thick cream. Lay the potatoes evenly in the baking dish, pour a portion of the sauce on each potato, and brown in the oven. Serve in the dish in which they were baked.

Macaroni or Spaghetti in Tomato Cups

Select ripe, red tomatoes of medium and uniform size, cut off the blossom end one-third of the way down, and scoop out the inside. Cut out the core, and mix the remainder with spaghetti, which has been broken in three-inch lengths, and steamed for three hours. Use three parts of boiling water to each part (cup) of spaghetti, and one teaspoonful of salt to each pint of liquid. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the scooped tomato, as if it were to be eaten raw, stir in a teaspoonful of butter, take equal parts of tomato and spaghetti, mix well, and fill the cups. Cover the tops with buttered crumbs, and bake about fifteen minutes, but do not allow the cups to become too soft.

Baking Dish

Baking Dish