Apple Pudding

Butter the dish, put in a dust of sugar, and cover the bottom with tart apples, pared, cored, and quartered. Put over them a shake of salt, then crusts of bread which have been cut thin and soaked in water. Cover the apples out of sight, then put on another layer of apples, and cover the top with crumbs, prepared by using one teaspoonful of melted butter to every two tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs. Cook covered one-half hour, then remove the cover, and brown. Serve with a hard sauce or with caramel sauce.

Brown Betty

Butter the baking dish, pare, core and quarter tart apples, put in the dish, and sprinkle with sugar. Then put on buttered crumbs, sprinkle a little sugar over them, and bake. Serve hot with a liquid sauce, cream, or caramel sauce (page 355).

Apple Snow

Three large, tart apples. Three egg whites, one-half cup of granulated sugar. Have the eggs and apples cold. Put the egg whites into a bowl, put in three tablespoonfuls of sugar, beat a little with a spoon or egg beater, put in more sugar, beat again, and so on until all of the sugar is in, then beat until the mixture will stand in points when the beater is lifted from it. Core the apples, and grate into the mixture, grating only a portion at one time, then beating in with the mixture. Flavor with almond extract, pile in a glass dish, and set on ice until needed. Do not make the snow long before using, as the apple will discolor. This amount will serve seven or eight people. Serve with or without whipped cream.

Baked Apple Pudding

Two tablespoonfuls of butter, one-half cup of flour, one-quarter teaspoonful of salt, one-half teaspoonful of baking powder (or use sour milk and one-eighth teaspoonful of soda), one very small egg, one-fourth cup of milk. Beat the yolk of the egg light and add the salt, the milk, and part of the flour. Beat up well, then add the melted butter. Beat this in, then add remainder of flour. Whether baking powder or soda is used, put it in part of the flour, and put in at the last, just before folding in the well-beaten egg white. Put the batter in buttered muffin tins, and on the top of each lay a ring of apple (apples pared, cored, and cut in rings one-fourth inch thick) dipped in sugar. Bake in oven same as for muffins. Serve with a lemon sauce.

Dried Apple Pudding

Make a batter same as for baked apple pudding, except use one-fourth cup of the water in which the apples have soaked over night, instead of milk. Use the dried apples after soaking over night the same as the fresh apples. Dried apples are better chopped and mixed with the dough. These puddings may be steamed if desired, but are better baked.

Indian Pudding

Beat three eggs, and mix with one pint of milk, four tablespoonfuls of sugar, and one pint of cornmeal. Add one-fourth teaspoonful of ginger, or enough to flavor nicely. Put into a pan having a large diameter, but shallow. Let set on top of stove, and keep mixed until meal swells, then put in oven, and bake ten or twelve hours, or until it wheys. Serve with cream.