Cream of Salsify

One cup of strained salsify, one-half cup of strained corn, one pint chicken or veal broth, one pint of whole milk, one tablespoonful of flour, one tablespoonful of butter. Wash the roots well. Scrape off the outside, cut in pieces, and drop into cold water slightly acidulated with vinegar to prevent discoloring. Put to cook in water which is hot and slightly salted. Use just water enough to prevent burning. When tender, mash through a puree sieve, and add the pulp to the boiling chicken or veal broth. Thicken with the butter and flour rubbed together, let cook until smooth, stirring all the time, then add the milk, let boil up, season and serve.

Cream of Corn

One pint of corn prepared as for stewing, water to cover. Cook until soft, and mash through a puree sieve. Add water to make a pint. Put into a saucepan one-half tablespoonful of butter and the same of flour, let melt, and stir together. Pour in one pint of cold milk, let boil, stirring all the time, then add the corn pulp, let boil up, season, add one-half a tablespoonful of sugar,, and serve.

Cream of Corn - Class Rule

One-fourth cup of corn after straining (either stewed or canned corn), one-fourth cup of sweet milk, one tea-spoonful of flour, one teaspoonful of butter; thicken the milk with butter and flour, add the corn, mix well and bring to the boiling point, season with salt and pepper, and serve.

Cream of Lima Beans

Lima beans are better in a cream than in a puree. To each pint of cooked lima beans add a cup of hot water, and when hot, rub through the sieve. Now add one pint of milk, season to taste, and thicken with one table-spoonful of flour and the same of butter, add a little cream if milk is used.

Corbena Soup

Make same as the above, using one-third as much corn as beans, and as much rice as corn.

Cream of Corn and Beans

To each cup and a half of cooked corn use one-half cup of baked beans. Add one cup of hot water, and rub through a sieve. Then add one pint of milk, put over the fire, bring to the boiling point and stir into it one tablespoonful of flour, one tablespoonful of butter (rubbed to a paste), cook four or five minutes, season with a level teaspoonful of salt, a little pepper, and serve.

Cream of Celery

Wash clean and cut into inch lengths celery enough to fill a pint measure. Keep covered with water and boil until soft. Mash through a puree sieve, and finish as cream of corn. Use only the coarser parts and roots of celery.

Cream of Mixed Vegetables

Mix cooked peas, lima beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, and celery in equal parts, mash through the sieve. To this pulp add chicken or veal broth one-half as much as is needed to render it of the proper consistency, and the other half cream or whole milk, and thicken as any cream soup.

Puree of Mixed Vegetables No. 1

Mix half a cup each of carrots, turnips, and celery, and mash through the sieve, also one-fourth cup of onions and a cup of tomatoes. Into the mixed pulp pour one quart of meat broth, thicken with two tablespoonfuls of flour and one of butter, season, and serve.