Pineapple Soup

A generous half cup of shredded pineapple, one-third of a cup of orange juice, one and a half teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, a generous half tablespoonful of sugar (less if canned pineapple is used), one teaspoonful of arrow-root. Strain the fruit pulp through cheesecloth, and squeeze juice out. Moisten the arrowroot with cold water; add arrowroot and sugar to fruit juices; bring to boiling joint, and let simmer a few minutes; add half as much hot water as there is of the liquid; cool, and serve.

Raspberry and Currant Soup

Scant half cup of raspberry juice, scant fourth cup of currant juice, scant half cup of water, one and one-half teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, scant half tablespoonful of arrowroot. Moisten arrowroot with cold water, add to other ingredients, boil a few minutes, sweeten, and cool.

Junket Whey

One junket tablet, one pint of whole milk (fresh). If the milk has cooled, warm to about the heat of new milk. Dissolve the tablet, and put it into the milk, and stir until mixed. Keep the milk luke warm until it separates well. Cut the curd with a knife, and strain the mixture through a cheesecloth bag. May use a teaspoonful of liquid rennet instead of the tablet for forming the curd. After straining, make the liquid cold, and serve as it is, or add lemon juice to taste. May use less rennet, and keep warm longer in curding.

Pineapple Frappe.

One pineapple pared and shredded, the juice of three lemons, one and one-half pints of sugar, one and one-half pints of water. Make a syrup of sugar and water, and mix well with other ingredients; then add about three times as much cold water as there is of the mixture. Freeze very little, and serve; or simply make very cold, and use as a beverage.

Gooseberry Jelly

Wash green gooseberries, and put to cook in a little water (just enough to show through the berries). Cook ten or fifteen minutes, or until they are soft and burst open ; then turn into a jelly bag, and allow to drain. Measure the juice, and return to the fire. Cook eight minutes after it begins to boil. Add as much sugar as there was juice. When it again reaches the boiling point, cook two minutes, and turn into glasses.

Black Raspberry and Currant Jelly

Look over equal parts of currants and black raspberries, leaving currants on the stems, and washing both. Mash the two together, and cook just enough to make juices run freely. Pour into a pointed strainer, and let drain. Measure the juice, and put to cook. Measure an equal amount of sugar, and when juice has cooked ten minutes add the sugar. Let boil up well, so that sugar is all melted, and pour into glasses. Let stand twenty-four hours; then put papers over the tops of glasses, or pour hot par-affine over jelly.

Hygienic Dessert

Heat in a double boiler one quart of whole sweet milk. When boiling hot, add one teaspoonful of salt and onethird of a cup of cream of wheat. Let cook one-half hour, stirring occasionally the first fifteen minutes. When the cereal has cooked one-half hour, pour it over one whole egg beaten until light and sweetened with two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Stir only enough to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Serve either hot or cold, with cream or with fresh fruit.