Bills of Fare for Farmers

There are several reasons why it is well to make out each morning a bill of fare for the day, even if no more time is spent than simply to think it out. Because the family often consists of aged people, laborers and children and it is necessary that each find on the table the kind, quality and amount of food suited to the needs of the body and to the palate of the one partaking of a meal. One can thus be more certain of securing needed variety from day to day. It is also easier to use the left overs wisely and economically. Bills of fare should be simple - that is, there should be few courses in a meal. No one needs many courses in a meal and farmers usually have the good sense to abstain from such customs. There are a few rules which should always be kept in mind, if one would have the best results. No two articles similar in flavor and general properties should appear in the same meal, except, of course, some may be similar to those always on the table, such as bread, butter, sugar, etc. Neither is there any good reason why tomatoes raw and cooked should not appear at the same meal if some like them one way and not the other. There is no good reason why a vegetable whose season is short at best, as asparagus, green peas, etc., should not appear on the table on consecutive days. They can be dressed in different ways and thus afford variety, and if the family exercise due self control in the amount eaten, there will be no danger of their tiring of it during the short time it is to be had fresh.