Tomato, Celery, and Nut Salad

Prepare the tomatoes and dressing as for tomato salad in cups (page 288), except leave out the onion. When ready to put together (just before serving), measure the tomato, and add half the bulk of celery and nuts in equal amounts, and mix well with the tomato before adding the dressing. If oil dressing is distasteful, use the cooked dressing on page 285, and proceed in the same way. The above violates the law of harmony, because the tomatoes are soft and velvety, and the other ingredients hard and nutty, but the flavors combine well.

Onion Salad

Put onions in a cool place or in cold water until thoroughly chilled, then cut in very thin slices (under water, or in a draught of air). To a cup of mildly acid vinegar add one teaspoonful of salt and one-half tea-spoonful of sugar. Add pepper to taste, and pour over the sliced onions just before using, or use a French dressing, as given on page 286.

Carrot Salad

Scrape small carrots, and cook whole. When done, remove from the water and cut into small dice. For each cup of water in which the carrots were cooked use one tablespoonful of butter and one of flour, and make a sauce in same manner as described on page 50. When the sauce is made, add one tablespoonful of very acid vinegar, or two of medium acid. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve either hot or cold. 10

String Bean Salad - Cooked Dressing

Select young, tender beans of some stringless variety,- wax beans are nice. Break off a little portion from each end and divide each bean pod in the center. Cook three hours slowly, but do not make broken and unsightly. Have the beans very cold. Put one cup of cooked salad dressing (page 285) in a bowl, and add to it one generous teaspoonful of mixed seasonings, and one-half a teaspoon-ful of grated onion, or of onion juice, extracted as directed on page 478. Mix these thoroughly with the dressing. Put the beans, a few at a time, in the bowl, and with two silver forks mix with the seasoning so that the beans may not become mushy. Serve on a lettuce leaf.

Asparagus Salad

Make a cooked salad dressing as on page 285. Have the dressing very cold, and mix with it one-third as much whipped cream as there is dressing. Mix salt and pepper in a cup, using three teaspoonfuls of salt to one-half a teaspoonful of pepper. Mix one and one-fourth teaspoonfuls of this with a generous cup of the dressing, or enough to season it quite highly. Tie tender asparagus in bunches, and cook until done in as little boiling water as is practicable. When cold, remove the strings, lay the asparagus in the salad dish a few pieces at a time, and pour on some dressing, then add more asparagus, and so on, to avoid making a mushy, unsightly mass.

Cabbage Salad - Cooked Dressing

One measure of cabbage, shaved fine, one-half a measure of cooked mayonnaise dressing, one-fourth measure of whipped cream. Mix salt and pepper in same proportion as usual for salads, but leave out the mustard, because cabbage has enough of this flavor already. Season to taste with the mixed salt and pepper, and put in half as much sugar as you have used of the mixed seasoning. In other words, mix one teaspoonful of salt, two of sugar and one-half of pepper, and use what you need of it.