Cold Slaw

To each cup of vinegar of medium strength add one teaspoonful of the following mixture: Three teaspoon-fuls of salt, one-half teaspoonful of pepper, two teaspoon-fuls of sugar. Have the cabbage fresh and shredded very fine. Have the vinegar cold.

Cabbage Salad - Cream Dressing No. 2 (page 286)

Prepare the cabbage the same as for cold slaw, and keep out some of the finest and longest pieces for garnish. Have the cream dressing very cold, and season to taste with the mixed seasoning given for cold slaw.

Potato Salad - Home Work

Slice plain boiled potatoes very thin. For each cup of potato used, mince one tablespoonful of onion (very fine) or grate it; use also one tablespoonful of capers, or pickles, and one-half tablespoonful of parsley, each minced very fine. To each cup of dressing used, add one table-spoonful of vinegar and one-half cup of thin cream. Mix with the dressing one and one-fourth level teaspoonfuls of mixed seasoning and the chopped materials before men-tioned. Put a few of the sliced potatoes in a bowl, add some dressing, and mix carefully by lifting with two sil-ver forks to prevent mushing the potatoes. Continue in the same way until all are in. Garnish potato salad with parsley.

Potato Salad - Class Work

Two tablespoonfuls of dressing, two tablespoonfuls of cream, one-half teaspoonful of chopped parsley, one drop of onion juice, six capers, one teaspoonful of mixed seasoning. The above is practically one-fourth of a cup.

Hot Potato Salad

Some prefer to mix the salad while the potatoes are hot. The flavor is somewhat different when thus made, and the salad may be served cold or hot.

Beet Salad

Prepare the dressing as for potato salad, except leave out the onion juice and capers. Cut cold boiled beets into small cubes (one-fourth of an inch) and mix with the dressing.

Potato and Beet Salad

Prepare the beets and dress as for plain salad. Cut cold boiled potatoes in dice same as beets, dress with salad dressing. Serve on the salad plates, first some of the potato salad, then some of the beet salad on the potato salad, using about one-half as much beet as potato. Garnish with watercress.

Cucumber Salad

Cucumbers should always be very cold and crisp when eaten, and may be dressed simply with salt and pepper and vinegar, or with a French dressing, or with a sour cream dressing, made in the following manner: Make a white sauce as for plain cream dressing, and add to it an equal portion of sour cream. To each three-fourths of a cup of the mixture, add one level teaspoonful of the mixed seasoning and one teaspoonful of sugar, or put in salt until you can taste it a little in the vinegar, then add pepper to taste.

Lettuce Salad - Tarragon Dressing

Make a French dressing (page 286), using tarragon vinegar instead of plain vinegar.

Lettuce Salad - Chervil Dressing

Simply make a French dressing, using chervil vinegar. Chervil vinegar and tarragon vinegar are made by soaking chervil or tarragon in common vinegar in a closed vessel for a few days.