Lettuce Salad - French Dressing

Lettuce should be gathered fresh just before using, carefully washed to prevent breaking the leaves, and the water shaken off before setting away for the short time before serving. It may be dressed with a French dressing prepared as on page 286. In this case, prepare the dressing, and dress the lettuce at the table.

Lettuce Salad

Make a cooked salad dressing as on page 285. Use equal parts of the cold dressing and whipped cream. Mix them well, and season with the mixed seasoning, page 287. Use one level teaspoonful to three-fourths of a cup.

Watercress Salad

Prepare and dress same as lettuce.

Endive Salad

Prepare and dress same as lettuce.

Celery Salad

Use perfectly white and tender celery, and wash the stalks very clean. Cut in one-fourth inch lengths, and if large, cut across. Use the regular mayonnaise dressing (page 285), and to each one-fourth of a cup add one level teaspoonful of mixed seasoning (page 287). Put the dressing on the last minute possible, because the dressing draws the juice from the celery, and becomes watery.

Celery and Nut Salad

Make same as above, except use one-third as much English walnuts, cut fine and mixed with the dressing, as you have of the celery.

Egg Salad

Cut the whites of hard-boiled eggs in dice, and care-fuly break up the yolks. Make a cooked dressing, using tarragon vinegar (page 285). Season the dressing with the mixed seasoning No. 1 (page 287), and to each cup of dressing used add one tablespoonful of chopped capers, one of chopped pickles, and one of finely-minced parsley.

Mix the whites and the yolks gently, then put a layer of the eggs in a bowl, put on some dressing, and mix carefully, put on another in the same way, and so continue until all is used. Serve on a lettuce leaf.

Salmon and Celery Salad - Class Rule

One tablespoonful of salmon and one tablespoonful of celery cut into small dice. Dress with two tablespoonfuls of the tomato dressing, page 287.

Salmon and Celery Salad - Home Rule

Prepare the salmon as for salmon and tomato salad. Select fresh crisp celery, and cut in dice about the same size of the salmon. Use an equal amount of salmon and celery. Mix with cooked tomato dressing. To one pint can of salmon and the same amount of celery use two cups of the tomato dressing, seasoned with two teaspoon-fuls of mixed seasoning No. 3. Serve cold on a lettuce leaf on a cold plate.

Salmon Salad, Garnished with Hard-Boiled Eggs

Prepare a pint can of salmon as for salmon and celery salad, and mix with one cup of tomato dressing, seasoned with one teaspoonful of mixed seasoning No. I. Mix the salmon and dressing lightly, not to mush the fish, put on a platter, and garnish with thin slices of hard-boiled eggs.

Salmon and Tomato Salad - Class Rule

Use two tablespoonfuls of diced salmon, dress with plain cooked dressing, season with mixed seasoning No. 3. Put the diced salmon on a lettuce leaf on a cold plate. On the salmon lay bits of ripe tomato, and on this drop a tablespoonful of the dressing. Use one level teaspoonful of mixed seasoning No. 3 to every cup of the dressing. This is the general rule for all salads when mixed seasoning is used in cooked dressing.