Salmon and Tomato Salad - Home Rule

Drain the oil from one pint can of salmon and remove the bone, and cut salmon into dice. Place on lettuce leaves as in class rule, garnish with the bits of tomato, and put on the salad dressing. One cup of the dressing seasoned with one teaspoonful of mixed seasoning No. 3, will dress the salmon from a pint can.

Salmon Salad-Pick the fish up into small pieces and mix with one-third as much hard-boiled egg as there is fish. Season highly a cup of oil mayonnaise dressing. Put a layer of the fish and egg mixed in the bowl, and put on dressing, mix lightly with two silver forks to prevent mushing, put on more fish and dressing and mix in the same way until all is used. Serve on a lettuce leaf on a cold plate. Chopped watercress may be mixed with the dressing. The cooked mayonnaise may be used with a fish salad, but is not nearly so good. Cream dressing No. 2 (page 286) may also be used with salmon salad, using lemon juice instead of vinegar in making the dressing.

Lobster Salad

Make in same way as salmon salad, except use lobster instead of salmon. A little mustard in a lobster salad is beneficial.

Shrimp Salad

Make same as lobster salad.

Roast Beef Salad

Use cooked mayonnaise dressing for this salad. Cut well-done roast beef into small cubes. Mix with it an equal amount of crisp white celery cut in small pieces. Use mixed seasoning No. 3 to make highly seasoned, and to each cup of dressing used add one tablespoonful of chopped pickles, one of capers, and one of parsley, finely minced.

Chicken Salad

Cut into dice, free from coarse pieces, four cups of chicken (boiled is best). Put the prepared chicken into a bowl, and pour over it one-half a cup of French dressing (seasoned), mix with two silver forks, set in a cool place for an hour, then drain, and mix with it two cups of tender white celery, cut into pieces a little smaller than the chicken. Mix well together and add one cup of seasoned dressing, one-third cooked mayonnaise and two-thirds oil dressing. To each cup of dressing add two teaspoonfuls of mixed seasoning, and also one tablespoonful of chop-ped olives, and the same of capers, if desired.

Sweetbread Salad

Cook the sweetbreads in slightly salted water, after they have been soaked in salt water until clean. When they can easily be pierced with a toothpick, cool in the water in which they were cooked. Then tear in pieces and let stand in vinegar twenty minutes, and mix with cucumbers or celery which have been prepared and left on ice for some time. Use one-third as much cucumber or celery as sweetbreads, and dress with a French dressing which consists of three parts oil to one part vinegar, and is sea-soned well with salt and pepper. Serve cold on cold plates.

Currant and Red Raspberry Salad

Currants and raspberries mixed in equal parts are very acceptable with no dressing but sugar. Serve with the meat course.