Hollandaise Sauce No. 1

Pour one cup of White Sauce No. 1, boiling hot, over a beaten egg, pouring slowly, and beating rapidly. Add one tablespoonful of vinegar or lemon juice. Put over the fire and heat until the egg cooks a little, but do not allow it to curdle. Season and serve.

Hollandaise Sauce No. 2

Cook together, until well mixed, one tablespoonful each of butter and flour. Add one cup of thin cream, and bring to the boiling point. While boiling, stir in the well-beaten yolks of three eggs, in which has been put one tablespoonful of vinegar or lemon juice. Add egg slowly, and continue cooking, after egg is in, about one minute. Remove from fire, add seasoning, also one tablespoonful of butter, and the egg whites, beaten stiff.

To Cook Beets

Scrub the beets well, but be careful that the skin is unbroken and the top left on, because they will lose their beautiful color, as well as have less food value, if broken. Cook in boiling water until tender, put into cold water and rub off the skin. Cut in slices and serve hot. Season with salt, pepper, and butter, or pickle and serve cold.

To Cook Parsnips

Prepare and cook in the same manner as carrots, and serve with a sauce made of the water in which they are cooked. Or, when tender, pour into a dripping pan, and set in the oven. When the water has evaporated, brush the parsnips over with butter, and let brown. Or they may be cooked dry, and mashed, as potatoes, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter.

To Cook Celery

Scrub with a vegetable brush to remove all dirt from the creases. Cut in half-inch lengths, and cook in a little boiling salted water, or steam. When tender, serve with White Sauce No. 1.

To Cook Onions

Peel the onions and put to cook in a small quantity of water (boiling and salted) until tender, then serve with White Sauce No. I.

Smothered Onions

Peel and put into a covered baking dish, and bake until tender; then season with salt and pepper, and add one tablespoonful of cream to each onion. Let cook fifteen minutes longer, and serve. Or, put the onions to cook in a buttered baking dish, season with salt and pepper, and baste occasionally with butter while they cook. When tender, remove the cover, allow the onions to brown, and serve.

Onions Cooked with Milk

Boil in plenty of salted water until about half done, then drain the water off, and cover with milk, cook until done, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

To Cook Peas

Shell the peas, wash the pods, and put pods to cook in a sufficient amount of water to cook the peas. When the pods are soft, skim them out and put the peas to cook. Keep just water enough to prevent burning, and when done season with salt, pepper, and sweet cream.

To Cook String Beans

Break off both ends of the pod, and break what is left into two or three parts. Put to cook in sufficient boiling water to keep them cooking three or four hours. Put a piece of salt pork in the bottom of the kettle. Season, when done, with salt and pepper. Let the water practically all cook out. A little cream may be added, or they may be served with a white sauce.