Wash with hot water in a dishpan and a brush, being certain that every groove is reached. Pour the water from the dishpan into the sink, and let it drain out. Fill the pan again with hot water, and again wash the sink, and wipe dry, if it is not to be used again soon. The sink should be flushed three times a week with boiling salsoda water, made in the proportion of one pint of sal-soda to three gallons of water. Use at least two quarts of the hot salsoda water each time, allowing it to run boiling hot down the pipe, and pour clear boiling water in at once when the other disappears. If the sink becomes rusty, rub well with unsalted fat on the bottom and sides, and allow it to stay on over night, or several hours; then wash it off with hot soapsuds, and wipe the sink dry,