Various reasons have been advanced for the present high cost of living, among them being the amount of food that we shipped to Europe last year and the shortage we had in certain crops, due to the unfavorable climatic and soil conditions that existed last year.

As we will likely have to send to Europe this year as much or even more food than we did last year, we must, each and every one of us, do everything we can to economize and save the waste in order to avoid a shortage among our own people and keep down the cost of food as much as possible.

The entire country has been aroused to the necessity for larger crops; and greater quantities of food are being planted in the hope of raising enough to meet the pressing needs of Europe as well as to supply our own people.

Not only are the farmers trying to meet the patriotic call that has been made on them for larger crops, but people all over the City and State are lending a hand toward solving the country's food problem by utilizing yards and vacant lots for vegetable gardens, in the hope of raising at least enough for their own use, thus releasing that much food for the use of others who have no land that they can cultivate.

Every housewife can "do her bit" towards solving the food problem by simplifying the meals she serves and by seeing to it that not one bit of food is wasted.

We have prepared this little book with the object of offering some practical hints as to the various ways in which economies can be effected and the waste saved.

If every housewife will carefully read, study, and put into everyday use at once, the suggestions made in the following pages, she will not only be helping to reduce the high cost of living for her family and her neighbors, but will be rendering a distinct patriotic service to her country at this critical time.

It costs about 10 cents to print and distribute this pamphlet. This Committee feels that the poorer people of New York City should have this pamphlet free of charge, and it plans to distribute as many in this way as its funds will permit. To this end it asks for contributions from those who believe this pamphlet will be helpful and who can afford to contribute to the fund that is being raised for the above purpose. Checks or post office money orders should be made payable to Mayor Mitchel's Food Supply Committee.

Those ordering this pamphlet by mail will please enclose 10 cents in cash for each copy ordered. Do not send stamps.

Mayor Mitchel's Food Supply Committee, Room 2012, 71 Broadway, New York City.