Baked Tile Fish

Follow directions given for Baked Cod or Halibut.

Baked Mackerel

Stuff with dressing, dredge with salt and flour. Bake thirty minutes, basting often with water, butter or drippings and flour. Make a gravy with the water in the pan in which the fish is baked. Always make the gravy quite salt. The best way to cook Mackerel is to broil it.

Baked Salmon

Clean the fish, rinse it, wipe it dry; rub it well outside and in with a mixture of pepper and salt, and fill it with stuffing; tie a thread around the fish, so as to keep the stuffing in (take off the thread before serving); lay bits of butter or butter substitutes over the fish, dredge flour over it, and put in a dripping-pan; put a pint of hot water in the pan to baste with; bake one hour, if a large fish, in a quick oven; baste frequently.

Baked Shad

Stuff it with bread crumbs, salt, pepper, and parsley moistened well with any left-over drippings; sew it up or fasten a string around it. Pour over it a little water and some fat, and bake as you would a fowl. A shad will require from an hour to an hour and a quarter to bake.

Baked Weakfish

Prepare and cook the same as Baked Cod.

Court Bouillon

Fresh-water fish or others which are without much flavor can be boiled in court bouillon to give them flavor. Court bouillon is made as follows:

Fish Recipes

Fry in one tablespoon of fat, one chopped carrot, one chopped onion, one stalk of celery. Then add two quarts of hot water, one cup of vinegar, three peppercorns, three cloves, one bay-leaf, one teaspoon of salt.

Boiled Fish

Boiled Cod. Take the head and shoulders of a good-sized Cod. Scrape and wash clean; rub a handful of salt into it; flour a cloth and pin the fish in it. Put into boiling water, and boil half an hour. Take the fish carefully from the cloth, and serve with egg sauce.

Boiled Halibut

Take a small Halibut, or what you require from a large fish. Put it into the fish kettle, with the back of the fish undermost; cover it with cold water, in which a handful of salt has been dissolved. When it begins to boil skim it carefully, and then let it just simmer till it is done. Four pounds of fish will require nearly half an hour to boil it. Drain it, garnish with parsley. Egg sauce, or plain melted butter or butter substitute are served with it.

Boiled Tile Fish

Follow recipe for Boiled Halibut.

Boiled Fresh Mackerel

If not cleaned, open them at the gills, take out the insides, wash clean, and pin in a fish-cloth. (Do not use the cloth that you use to boil Mackerel for any other fish.) Drop into boiling water, and boil fifteen minutes. Serve with drawn butter or drawn butter made with butter substitute.

Salmon, Boiled Plain. Rub the fish with salt. Have ready a fish kettle with enough boiling water to cover the fish; let it come rather slowly to the boil. Simmer very gently till done, allowing about fifteen minutes to each pound. Throw in one tablespoon salt just before it is done. Serve with plain drawn butter sauce, which may be made with butter substitute.