Roast Lamb Or Beef Reheated

In warming up a leg of lamb or standing rib roast of beef, heap up the cavity left after carving with mashed potato. Brush over with melted drippings and brown in oven.

Veal Croquettes

Cut one pint cooked veal in small pieces ; add one tablespoon salt, one-quarter teaspoon pepper, one tablespoon lemon juice. Melt three tablespoons fat; add two tablespoons finely minced onion, three tablespoons flour, and three-fourths cup milk or veal stock. Boil five minutes. Add two eggs well beaten. Stir constantly until thick. Mix with veal mixture and cool. Shape, allowing a rounding tablespoonful for each croquette. Dip in crumbs, egg and crumbs, and fry in smoking hot deep fat. Serve with or without White Sauce.

Hash Balls

Chop cold cooked, corned beef from which the skin, gristle, and most of the fat have been removed. Add an equal quantity of cold boiled potatoes, chopped and seasoned with salt, pepper and onion juice. Moisten with milk, make into small flat cakes, and fry in hot fat. Rice can be used in place of potatoes. Brown on one side, turn and brown other side.

Warmed - Over Baked Beans. Put into a hot frying-pan some of the pork cooked with the beans. When the fat has melted and is hot, pour in the beans, cover and set pan back on stove, when beans will cook slowly and brown underneath. Fold over like an omelet; turn out on a hot platter and serve with tomato sauce.

Croquettes Of Odds And Ends. These are made of any scraps or bits of food left from one or more meals. Any left-over food should be well chopped and creamed, mixed with one raw egg, a little flour and butter or drippings, and boiling water, then made into cakes and fried in smoking hot deep fat.