Left-over chicken or turkey makes excellent hash, scalloped dishes, croquettes, cream dishes, and salads.

The carcass of a chicken or a turkey makes a splendid soup.

Stuffing left from chicken or turkey may be sliced thin, browned in the oven, and served on toast.

Creamed Chicken Hash On Toast

This is one of the tastiest of all the warmed-over chicken dishes. Chop the chicken fine, and to each pint allow one tablespoonful of butter or drippings, one of flour and a half pint of milk. Rub the butter or drippings and flour together, add the milk, stir over the fire until boiling; season the meat with a teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper, add to the milk sauce, and cook in double boiler for fifteen minutes. Heap this on squares of nicely toasted bread and serve at once.

Minced Chicken With Green Peppers

Boil two green peppers ten minutes, remove seeds, and cut in small strips; mix with two cups cooked fowl, cut in dice. Melt three tablespoons dripping, add three tablespoons flour, and pour on gradually one and one-third cups chicken stock. Add chicken and peppers. Season with salt and pepper, and serve on pieces of toast.

Creamed Chicken And Peas

Melt two tablespoons butter or drippings, add three tablespoons flour, mixed with one-fourth teaspoon salt and one-eighth teaspoon pepper. Pour on gradually one and three-fourths cups milk. When sauce thickens, add one and one-half cups cold boiled fowl, cut in dice, and two-thirds cup left-over peas. Cook for about two minutes.

Chicken With Tomatoes

Cook four tablespoons drippings with one-quarter of a small onion, finely chopped, five minutes. Add five tablespoons flour, and stir until slightly browned. Pour on, gradually, three-fourths cup each chicken stock and stewed and strained tomatoes or canned tomato pulp. Add one teaspoon lemon juice, one-half teaspoon salt, and one-eighth teaspoon paprika. Add one and one-half cups cold boiled fowl, cut in cubes. Cook for about two minutes.

Chicken Croquettes

Make a white sauce. Chop chicken fine and season with salt, pepper, and a few drops of onion juice. Put into hot sauce all the seasoned chicken it will take up, about two cups of chicken to one of sauce. Cool. Shape into croquettes; roll in bread crumbs, then in egg (which has been slightly beaten together with one tablespoon of cold water), then in crumbs again. Fry in smoking hot deep fat, and serve with white sauce. Veal or fresh pork may be used in same way.

Chicken Custard

When boiling a fowl for salad or other purposes, take a pint of the broth. Season as needed with salt and a little pepper. Heat and pour very slowly over two eggs that have been slightly beaten. Cook in a double boiler until the mixture thickens. Pour into small cups that have been rinsed with cold water, and set away to chill. This makes a good relish for invalids.

Scallop Of Chicken Or Turkey With Celery. Cook one cup of celery, cut in inch pieces, in boiling slightly salted water until tender. Save the water to make sauce. Slice thin two cups of cold chicken, discarding all skin; season with salt and pepper, and moisten with a little left-over gravy. Melt two tablespoons of butter or drippings, stir in two tablespoons of flour, and add slowly one cup of celery water, one-half cup of milk, one-quarter teaspoon of salt, and a little pepper. When thickened and smooth, stir in the cooked celery. Put a few crumbs in a baking-dish and arrange the chicken and sauce in alternate layers. Cover with crumbs. Brown in a hot oven.

Chicken Or Turkey Hash

1 1/2 cups cold chopped chicken

3/4 cup boiled potato, cut in small pieces, or 3/4 cup rice

1/2 to 2/3 cup chicken gravy

Mix together, season highly, and moisten with the chicken gravy. Grease a baking-dish; put in the mixture, covering the top with crumbs. Bake for about fifteen minutes in a hot oven.

Turkey Warmed Over

Pieces of cold turkey or chicken may be warmed up with a little dripping in a frying-pan. Place it on a warm platter, surround it with pieces of small thick slices of bread, first dipping them in hot salted water; then place the platter in a warm oven with the door open. Have ready the following gravy to pour over all: Into the frying-pan put one or two cups of milk, and any gravy that may be left over. Bring it to a boil; then add sufficient flour, wet in a little cold milk or water, to make it the consistency of cream. Season with salt, pepper, and add a little of the dark meat chopped fine. Let the sauce cook a few moments; then pour over the turkey.

Left-Over Fish Recipes

Any left-over fish can be used for creamed dishes, croquettes, fish pudding and scalloped dishes. See pages 45, 46, 47.