Take off head and split open and clean. Put fish into frying - pan, cover with cold water and bring to boiling point. Pour off water and fry.

Creamed Salt Codfish

Pick in small pieces one cup Salt Codfish; cover with lukewarm water and let stand on back of range until softened. Melt one tablespoon butter or butter substitute, add one tablespoon flour, and pour on gradually one cup hot milk. Add fish, and serve on a hot platter.

Salt Codfish Balls

Trim and soak a piece of Salt Codfish in cold water for six or seven hours, and during that time change the water two or three times. Shred it. Should it be too salt after shredding, freshen it by frequent changes of cold water. There should be one quart of the shredded fish. Cover it with water and let it simmer gently until tender. It will not take very long. Should you boil it too much, you might harden it. Have ready six good-sized, fresh-boiled potatoes, and mash them while hot, or use two cups of boiled rice. Have the fish drained, pounded, and rubbed through a sieve, and mix with the potatoes or rice three well-beaten eggs. Season to taste with salt - if necessary - and white pepper, also a small lump of butter or drippings. Drop by the tablespoonful into a pan of boiling hot fat and fry until a delicate brown. Drain on brown paper and serve very hot.

Baked Salt Codfish

Take one teacup of Salt Codfish picked up fine, two teacups of mashed potatoes or rice, one pint of milk. Mix them well together and then add two eggs well beaten. Stir them in thoroughly and then add four tablespoons of drippings, melted, and salt and pepper to taste. Put in a baking-dish and bake twenty or thirty minutes.

Fish Hash

Follow same direction as for fish hash made with left - over fish (see Fish Hash, page 45), but salt fish must be soaked for several hours.

Baked Finnan-Haddie

Place fish in cold water, then place on fire and let it come to a boil; then remove skin and place in a pan with two tablespoons of fat; bake in a moderate oven twenty-five or thirty minutes.

Boiled Finnan-Haddie

Place fish in boiling water and boil for twenty minutes; serve with egg sauce or drawn butter.

Broiled Finnan-Haddie

First heat broiler and grease well to keep from sticking; then place fish on broiler, meat side to the fire, and cook slowly fifteen minutes, being careful not to burn. Butter and pepper to suit taste. Butter substitute may be used in place of butter.

Creamed Finnan-Haddie

Tear Haddies into small strips; wash clean and place in saucepan with quart of water; let it simmer half an hour; then pour off water and add one pint of fresh milk. When this comes to boil, thicken with one tablespoon of flour; let it boil five minutes and add butter or butter substitute (size of a walnut) and a little pepper, and serve.

Kippered Herring

Remove fish from can and arrange on a platter that may be put in the oven. Sprinkle with pepper, brush over with lemon juice and melted butter or drippings, and pour over the liquor left in the can. Heat thoroughly and garnish with parsley and slices of lemon.