Fried Eels

After skinning, cleaning, and washing them, cut them into short pieces, and dry them well with a soft cloth. Season them with salt and pepper, flour them thickly, and fry them in boiling fat; when nicely browned, drain and dry them, and send to the table with plain melted butter or butter substitute and a lemon, or with fish sauce. Eels are sometimes dipped into batter and then fried, or into egg and dried bread crumbs.

Fried Haddock

Follow same directions as for fried Cod.

Fried Halibut

Let the slices lie in cold salted water, to which has been added one cup of vinegar, for ten or fifteen minutes. Dry them afterwards thoroughly by wiping with a towel, and dusting cracker meal on both sides. Lay them in smoking hot fat, and they will be well cooked and of a pale brown in three or five minutes, according to thickness of the slices.

Fried Tile Fish

Follow directions given for Fried Halibut.

Fried Mackerel

Prepare the Mackerel as for broiling. Sprinkle a little salt over the mackerel, then fry a nice brown in hot fat.

Fried Perch

Scale and clean them perfectly; dry them well, flour and fry them in hot fat. Serve with parsley.

Fried Shad Roe

Wash and wipe; fry twenty minutes in hot fat in a frying - pan, turning at the end of fifteen minutes. Season, dish on a hot platter.

Fried Smelts

The best way to cook Smelts is to fry them, although they are sometimes baked. Open them at the gills. Draw each Smelt separately between your finger and thumb, beginning at the tail; this will press the insides out. (Some persons never take out the insides, but it should be done as much as in any other fish.) Wash them clean, and let them drain in a colander; then salt and roll in a mixture half flour and half corn-el. Have about two inches deep of hot fat in the frying-pan (drippings if you have them); into this drop the Smelts, and fry brown. Do not put so many in that they will be crowded; if you do, they will not be crisp and brown.

Fillet Of Sole Or Flounders. Take two Soles or Flounders; divide them from the backbone, remove the heads, fins, and tails. Sprinkle the inside with pepper, salt, and the juice of half a lemon. Roll in the shape of a corkscrew, then roll them in egg, then bread crumbs, then in egg, and bread crumbs again. Fry in hot fat and serve with Tartare or any other sauce.