Name and Location of Cut

How Sold

Character and Quality of Meat

Prepared for Eating

Loin. Includes what in beef is loin and rump.

Sliced into chops, or sold in roasting-pieces.

Next in value to the leg.

Roasted; chops fried.

Leg (hind).

Sliced into cutlets one-half inch thick, or into thicker slices for fri-candeau.

Most valuable part of the calf; no waste.

Cutlets fried; fricandeau roasted.


Lower part of hind leg.

Sold whole.


Soup and stew.

Rack. Ribs.




Shoulder. Includes fore leg and part of ribs.

Sold whole.

Tender and well flavored.

Stuffed, and roasted or braised.


May include last four ribs.

To suit purchaser.


Usually stewed.

Breast. Includes what is brisket, plate, and navel in beef.

Whole, or to suit purchaser.

Bony, mixed with fat.


Mutton And Lamb

Loin. Same as in beef. (Loin chops correspond to porter-house steak, hip chops to sir-loin.)

Into chops three-fourths to one inch thick; also, two whole loins sold in one piece as " saddle of mutton."

Contains tenderloin; has less bone than rib chops, therefore more economical.

Chops broiled; saddle roasted.


Includes rump.

Whole, as in chops.

Fine, solid meat, fatter in mutton than in lamb.

Roasted or boiled whole; chops broiled.

A Table Of Information About Cuts Of Meat


Name and Location of Cut

How Sold

Character and Quality of Meat

Prepared for Eating


Single, as chops. If bone is trimmed, they are called " French chops" ; also, rib portion of both fore-quarters in one piece as "rack of mutton."


Broiled. Rack roasted.

Shoulder. Includes fore leg, and sometimes two or more ribs.

Whole; usually boned.

Note. - Neck and shoulder are sold together as "chuck."

Considerable refuse.

Stuffed and roasted.


To suit purchaser.

Lean and bone, with a little fat.

Stew or broth.



Ribs and loin.

Chops and roasting pieces.

Tender, and fairly lean.

Broiled or roasted.

Spare-ribs. Ribs freed from fat.

Sold whole or in chops.

Nearly all bone.

Usually roasted or sauted.

Ham. Hind leg, and parts corresponding to rump and round in beef.

Whole, in halves, or sliced (after being smoked).

Solid, lean, with layer of fat half an inch thick or more, on one side.

Usually cured, salted, and smoked, then boiled, or sliced and fried; sometimes roasted fresh.

Back. Close to backbone.

Cut into strips.

All fat.

Used for frying, flavoring, larding, etc.

Shoulder. Includes fore leg.

Cured whole, or sold fresh to suit purchaser.

Similar to ham, but not so good.

Cured, salted, and smoked; cooked like ham. Sometimes roasted fresh.

Bacon. Belly.

In rectangular pieces, with the skin {rind) left on; sliced thin for purchaser.

Fat, with streaks of lean.

Cured, salted, and smoked; broiled or fried.