Soup An Economical Dish

Soup, by some people mistakenly thought to be an expensive luxury, is generally a means of economy, since a soup, tempting and nutritious, can be made of the cheapest materials, including remnants of food unfit for other use. Economy means management, not saving merely, though sometimes wrongly understood in the latter sense. Good economy includes wise spending and using; it is as wasteful to broil meat too tough to be chewed or digested as it would be to throw away meat that might be used; it is as prudent to purchase a small quantity of vegetables and seasonings, which will help to make a savory soup or stew out of material useless by itself, as to refrain from buying something not needed. M


Soup-stock is the basis of all meat soups. It consists of the soluble portions of meat, vegetables, and sometimes other ingredients dissolved in water.