Press the pulp through a sieve, vegetable press, or strainer, using the cooking water to help wash the pulp through. Heat milk and pulp together, stir into them the binding material (cornstarch mixed with water, or flour mixed with butter), boil till smooth, and season. If too thick, add more milk. The coarser the vegetable, the coarser should be the strainer used. Onions, herbs, and whole spices may be cooked in the water or milk used in the soup ; other seasonings are added at the last. Second method. Use equal parts of thin white sauce and of vegetable water or pulp and water. Mix together, boil till smooth, and season. To make the soup richer, part cream may be used instead of all milk, or white stock instead of water.

Two or more left-over vegetables may be combined in one soup.

Study the table on pp. 254 and 255, noting in what respects the soups are alike, in what different. Think out, if you can, the reasons for variations in quantity of water used, time of cooking, etc.


Cream-of-tomato soup (see table, p. 254) must be made with great care to prevent the acid in the tomatoes from curdling the milk. Pour the tomato slowly into the milk; if the milk be poured into the tomato, it will curdle. Take care not to combine milk and tomato till just before the soup is served, as milk heated with acid is almost sure to curdle. Adding a bit of soda helps to neutralize the acid. Draw the saucepan away from the heat before adding the soda; otherwise the tomato may foam over. Explain this. What gas is formed? (P. 108.)

Bean Puree

Beans, 1 qt. Onion, 1 small one. Carrot, 2 slices. A bit of bay-leaf.

Baking-soda, 1/4 t. Butter, 2 tb. Milk or cream. Salt, 3/4 t.

Pepper, a f.g.

Wash the beans, and soak in cold water overnight. In the morning drain, cover them with cold water, and when this boils, drain them again. Add soda, onion, bay-leaf, and carrot. Boil gently until the beans are soft; then press them through a colander; add butter, salt, pepper, and milk or cream enough to thin the puree to your taste. Serve as a vegetable.