Vegetable Soups


Other Ingredients

Special Directions for Preparing the Soups For General Directions, see pp. 256, 398.

Salt, 1 t. Pepper, 1/8 t.

Soda, f.g.

Scald the milk, and thicken it with the flour and butter. Cook the tomatoes ten minutes, or till soft, add the soda, and strain. Stir the tomato slowly into the thickened milk, taking care that it does not cook after being mixed, and serve at once. (See Caution on p. 257.)

Salt, 1 t. Pepper, f.g.

Break off the heads, and cook them with the stalks in the water. Take out the heads as soon as they are tender, and either serve them on toast, or put them in the tureen before turning in the soup.

Salt, 1 1/2 t. Celery salt, 1/8 t. Pepper, 1/8 t.

Wash the celery, cut it into short pieces, and simmer it in the water till soft.

Salt and pepper, according to quantity of seasoning already added to the vegetable.

If a "left-over" mashed vegetable is used, heat the milk and water together, and pour them on to it. Strain and bind as usual.

Salt, 1 t. Pepper, 1/8 t.

Parsley, 2 t. Bit of bay-leaf. Onion, 1 slice. Celery-root (if on hand).

Boil the potatoes, and mash them through a strainer into a saucepan. Cook the onion in the milk. When the latter reaches the scalding-point, take out the onion, and stir the milk into the potato. Bind with the flour and butter; season ; strain into a tureen, and sprinkle with parsley.

Salt, 1 t. Pepper, 1/8 t.

Ham-bone, slice of onion, or both, may be cooked with the peas.

Soak the peas overnight. In the morning drain them and simmer them in the water two hours or more, adding more water as the first boils away. When very soft rub peas and water through a strainer.

the oven, stirring occasionally, till they are crisp and golden-brown. Pass them with soup. They may be kept and reheated.

Recipe for Tomato Soup without Stock


This soup, although it contains no milk nor cream, is given here because in other respects it is made like cream-of-vegetable soups.

Tomatoes, 1 can, or Fresh-cooked tomatoes, 1 qt. Hot water, 1 pt. Onion, 1 slice. Celery salt, 1 t., or

Cloves, 4. Cornstarch, 3 tb. Butter, 1/4 c. Sugar, 1 tb. Pepper, f.g.

Salt, 1 t., and a sprig of celery cooked in the soup.

Cook water, tomatoes, onions, and cloves together for twenty minutes; strain and add the butter; stir in the cornstarch wet to a smooth paste with cold water; boil the soup till clear; and season.

Cornstarch is used in this recipe because it gives a clearer soup than flour does. Why is it mixed with water instead of with butter? Which lumps most easily, pure starch or flour? Why? Why is more thickening required for tomato than for pea soup?

General Proportions Of Ingredients For Cream-Of-Vege-Table Soups

To one quart of liquid (water, milk, stock) use one to two cupfuls of thick vegetable pulp, two table-spoonfuls of butter, one to three tablespoonfuls of flour, one teaspoonful of salt, and from a few grains to one-eighth of a teaspoonful of pepper.

General Directions For Making Cream-Of-Vegetable Soups

First method. Cook the vegetable in water till very soft.