Fifteen minutes to the pound.

Cover the leg of mutton with boiling water, let this come to the boiling-point again, and boil five minutes; skim off the coagulated albumin ("scum"); then simmer until the meat is tender. Serve with Caper Sauce, made by adding one-half cupful of capers, drained, to one and one-half cupfuls of Drawn Butter (recipe on p. 204) made with the mutton liquor.

Salt Meats

Corned beef, ham, and tongue, which are better for having some of their salt drawn out, should be put to cook in cold water. After this boils, follow the directions for cooking a leg of mutton.

The taste of water in which meat has been cooked shows that some of the meat has escaped into it; save it, therefore, to use in soup-making. Can we use the cooking water from salt meat for soup?