Dish-cloths, dish-towels, and sink-cloths should be hemmed. Lint and threads from unhemmed cloths are likely to obstruct the sink drain. Use each cloth only for the purpose for which it is intended.

The Dish-Cloth

Keep the dish-cloth clean. It is disagreeable to think of eating from dishes washed with a sticky, greasy cloth. Such a cloth harbors germ and may spread disease. Wash the dish-cloth with hot water and soap after using it. Rinse, shake it out, and hang it to dry, - in the sun, if possible. Boil it once a week, or whenever washing fails to make it white. Never use it for anything except washing dishes.

Other Cloths

Wash dish-towels often in warm water, using soap. Rinse them in warm or cold water, and hang them to dry with the ends pulled evenly together. Strainer-cloths that are not greasy may be washed in cold water. Wash greasy ones in hot water with soap or sal-soda. To remove fruit stains from a cloth, lay it over a bowl and pour boiling water upon the stain. All cleaning-cloths should be washed, rinsed, and dried after being used. Throw very dirty ones away.