The waste-pipe of the refrigerator or ice-box should empty into a pan, or into the open end of a properly trapped drain-pipe.

Daily Care

Keep the inside of the food chamber dry. See that no food remains in the refrigerator long enough to spoil. Empty the pan, if there is one, every day. If there is a catch-basin, keep it free from dust and slime.

Weekly Cleaning

Clean the refrigerator thoroughly at least once a week. Take out both food and ice. Wash shelves and racks with hot soapsuds or with sal-soda solution, and rinse with clear hot water. Dry them in the open air or by the fire. Wash the food chamber and the air chamber in the same way. Clean grooves and corners with a skewer, and run a wire with a cloth twisted around it down the waste-pipe. Rinse the pipe with hot sal-soda solution. Wipe the refrigerator dry; and, if possible, let it remain open for an hour.