For small fish, five to ten minutes; for large fish, fifteen to twenty minutes.

Use a close-barred double wire broiler. Grease it when hot with salt-pork rind. See that the fish is wiped dry; sprinkle it with salt and pepper; and, if not oily, rub it with melted butter.

Broil split fish with the flesh side to the heat until browned ; then broil the other side till the skin is crisp. Broil small fish close to the heat, turning occasionally. Turn slices of fish often.

When cooked, carefully loosen both sides of the fish from the broiler, and slip off on to a hot platter. Spread with butter, salt, and pepper, with Maitre d'Hotel Butter (for recipe, see p. 157), or garnish with parsley and slices of lemon, and serve with Tartar Sauce.

Fish Suitable For Boiling

Thick pieces of salmon or halibut, shoulder of cod, whole small cod, haddock, blue-fish, etc.