Forty-five to sixty minutes.

Fill the cavity with stuffing, allowing it room to swell slightly. Sew the slit over and over with strong thread, taking stitches deep enough not to tear out. If the fish is a dry one (p. 206), cut gashes crosswise, and put in them strips of fat salt pork about one inch long, or insert the strips with a larding-needle.

Skewer and tie the fish into the shape of the letter S, and set it upright, surrounded by bits of fat salt pork, on a greased fish sheet on a baking-pan. Bake until brown, basting often. Serve with Drawn Butter or Hollandaise Sauce.

If you have no fish sheet, lay two strips of cloth across the pan, and lift the fish, when done, by these.

Fish suitable for broiling. Split. - Mackerel, young cod, bluefish, whitefish, shad, trout, etc. Sliced. - Chicken halibut and salmon. Whole. - Smelts, perch, and other small fish.