Observe the following rules in both the school kitchen and the home kitchen: -

1. When cooking, or doing other housework, wear a washable gown short enough to clear the floor by at least two inches.

2. When in the kitchen, pin or tie your hair back so that no hairs may fall into the food. When sweeping, cover it with a cap or kerchief to protect it from dust.

3. Wear no rings nor bracelets in the kitchen.

4. Before touching or preparing any food, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water; scrub the nails with a nail brush, and clean them with a wooden toothpick or a regular nail cleaner.

5. Keep a damp towel at hand, on which to wipe your fingers if they become soiled or sticky. Always wipe them after touching your hair or pocket handkerchief, or after handling the coal-hod, or anything else not quite clean. Never wipe them on your apron, your handkerchief, or on a dish-towel.

6. Never dry dishes with a hand-towel.

7. The best way to taste of what you are cooking is to take a little of the food up with the mixing-spoon, put it in a teaspoon, and taste from the teaspoon. If you should happen to taste from the mixing-spoon, wash it before putting it back into the dish.

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