1. Broiling: cooking over a glowing fire.

2. Roasting (toasting) : cooking before a glowing fire.

3. Baking: cooking in an oven.

Direct application of heat.

Application by means of heated air.

4. Boiling: cooking in boiling water.

5. Stewing: cooking for a long time in water below the boiling-point.

Heat applied by means of water.

6. Steaming: a. moist: cooking in steamer.

b. dry : cooking in double boiler.

By contact with steam.

By the heat of steam surrounding vessel.

7. Frying: cooking in hot fat deep enough to cover the article to be cooked.

8. Sauteing 1: cooking in a small quantity of hot fat.

Heat applied by means of heated fat.

9. Pan-broiling: Pan-baking: cooking in a frying-pan or on a griddle, with little or no fat.

Heat applied by means of heated metal.

10. Braising: a combination of stewing and baking.

11. Fricasseeing: a combination of frying and stewing.