8 oz. shelled Brazils passed through a nut mill,

6 oz. white Breadcumbs.

2 Eggs.

1/2 gill of Milk.

1 oz. Butter or Nut Margarine.

Pinch of chopped Parsley and Basil.

4 oz. minced Celery.

1 oz. minced Onion.

How To Make:

Fry the vegetables in the butter for 10 minutes, then mix all the ingredients together in a bowl ; this should be very moist. Well grease out some small dariole moulds or a plain oval charlotte mould, and fill with mixture. Steam for one hour covered with greased paper, or they may be cooked in an oven standing in boiling water 3 parts up the sides of the moulds, but well covered with greased paper and a baking sheet. These should be served with celery sauce, a green vegetable and chip potatoes.