4 oz. milled roasted Pinekernels.

4 oz. brown Breadcrumbs.

1 gill of Béchamel Sauce (Recipe 60).

2 Mushrooms.

2 Shallots.

Pinch of chopped Parsley, Savoury Herbs, Pepper and Salt.

How To Make:

Peel and mince the shallots and mushrooms. The Pinekernels should be put on a baking tin, and browned in a slow oven, then put through a nut grating mill (price 1/6 from any Health Food Stores), the pieces of stale brown bread should be put in the oven to dry, and then put through the nut mill. Mix all the ingredients into a stiff paste, shape into Quenelle shapes, brush over with egg and roll in breadcrumbs and fry a golden brown. (Instructions for frying see Recipe 14). Serve with onion sauce or Béchamel Sauce, green vegetables and roast potatoes.