Line a square tin, buttered, with short paste (Recipe 90), or an oval casserole may be used for this purpose, and fill with the following mixture:


4 oz. milled Pinekernels.

4 oz. milled Hazel Kernels.

4 oz. soft Breadcrumbs.

6 Shallots.

4 Mushrooms.

1 piece of Garlic size of a pea.

Pinch of Savoury Herbs.

4 oz. Butter.

4 Eggs.

1 hard-boiled Egg.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

How To Make:

Fry the shallots, mushrooms and herbs (finely minced) in the butter. Chop up into dice the hard-boiled egg, and mix all the ingredients together into a stiff paste, pack tightly into the tin or casserole, cover with short paste and wash over with yolk of an egg, ornament with four pastry leaves and bake in moderate oven 1 1/2 hours, or until the crust is well brown, then make a hole in the top and fill with jelly made from a pinch of Agar-Agar boiled in clear soup until it is quite dissolved. Serve the following day cut into slices and dished up with a nice salad.