1 pint of clear Vegetable Soup (Recipe 7). 12 strands of Agar-Agar. 8 oz. Nutmeat (Recipes 13 or 18). Any variety of diced Vegetables.


Rinse out with cold water some fancy dariole moulds, line the bottom with some fancy cut cooked vegetables, next put a layer of thinly-sliced nutmeat, then a layer of vegetables, and alternate layers until the moulds are well packed. Boil the soup with the Agar-Agar gently for 10 to 15 minutes until the Agar-Agar is quite dissolved, then fill up the moulds with jelly and stand aside for an hour to set. Serve with a nice border of assorted green salad with halves of tomatoes and fancy shapes of cooked beetroot.

Note.-Agar - Agar is so strong only a very little is needed. The best way is to soak and wash a few strands, and when they are swollen out they are more easy to count. I find 12 strands about 10 inches long will set a pint of jelly, cream, or custard.