1 1b. blanched Chestnuts.

1 lb. Tomatoes.

3 small Shallots.

4 outside leaves of Celery.

1 teaspoonful of Marmite.

1 teaspoonful of Corn Flour.

1 pint of Milk.

1 pint of Water.

1 oz. Butter or Nut Margarine.

Pepper, Salt and Carraway Seeds to taste.

How To Make:

Fry the tomatoes, shallots and celery (all chopped fine) in the butter for 15 minutes, stir in the corn flour until smooth, and add the water and chestnuts (baked in the oven for 15 minutes and freed from skins), and cook for an hour. Then add the milk, Marmite and flavouring and bring to the boil. Pass through a fine sieve and serve with sippets of fried bread.