(A Splendid Blood Corrective.)


1 medium-sized Carrot.

1 medium-sized Turnip.

2 medium-sized Onions.

2 or 3 slices of Beetroot.

1 small bunch of Watercress.

1 Bay Leaf.

1 tablespoonful of Savoury Herbs.

A few Lettuce or Endive Leaves or Spinach.

3 pints of Water.

2 Cloves.

1 large teaspoonful of Marmite.

1 White of an Egg, with 2 or 3 shells.

Pinch of Salt to taste.

How To Make:

Wash all the vegetables well, and cut up into small pieces without peeling, put into a large saucepan, or better still a casserole, with the water ; add the herbs (tied in a piece of muslin), simmer on the stove for 4 hours, then strain off vegetables, add the Marmite and seasoning, and stir until well dissolved over the fire. Beat up the white of an egg with the shells, and whisk into the soup, simmer for a few minutes, then strain through a tammy cloth, serve with fancy pieces of carrots, turnips, peas.