2 Potatoes, 1 Carrot, 1 dozen French Beans (all cooked and cut into dice).

1 gill of Green Peas or bottled Peas (cooked).

2 inches of Cucumber, cut into dice.

1 Tomato, peeled and cut into thin slices.

2 Gherkins.

1 teaspoonful of Capers.

3 or 4 Olives, cut into slices.

1 gill of Mayonnaise Dressing (No. 77).

1 tablespoonful of Orleans Vinegar.

1 large Lettuce.

Pepper and Salt to taste.

How To Make:

Wash the lettuce and arrange the leaves round a large salad bowl, keeping the centre for a garnish on the top of the salad. Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and pour into the centre of the salad dish; garnish the sides with fancy shapes of cooked beetroot. Lemon juice may be used with equal success in the place of vinegar.