1 cup split peas 3-4 tablespns. raw nut butter 1/2 large bay leaf a few celery tops or 1/4 teaspn. celery seed in piece of muslin a pinch of sage

1 small onion, sliced salt water

1 tablespn. butter

1/2 tablespn. flour

1 teaspn. grated onion

Cook peas, raw nut butter, bay leaf, celery tops and onion all together in salted water, rub through colander, turn on to butter and flour which have been heated together (or the butter and flour may be rubbed together and stirred into the purée), add necessary water, salt, sage and the teaspoon of fresh grated onion; simmer for 5 m. Serve with strips of bread, or finger croutons. The teaspoon of onion at the last is very important.