Summer Squash

Cut squash into inch thick pieces, steam, or stew in a small quantity of water; drain in cheese cloth. Mash, season, heat and serve.

If you ever use butter for seasoning in cooking, use it with summer squash; though a little heavy cream, almond or dairy, is very nice. Never use roasted peanut butter with squash.

Only those squashes which are young enough to cook with the skins and seeds are suitable for stewing, as the skins and seeds contain the flavor.

Baked Ripe Summer Squash

Bake whole; open, remove seeds, scrape pulp from skin, season and serve as above. This pulp makes very delicate squash cream pies.

Summer Squash with Corn

Add 1/2 cup stewed green corn to each pint of cooked summer squash. Season with salt and cream.

Winter Squash

Winter squashes vary so much in quality that no one way of cooking will do for all. There are some varieties from which the skin may be peeled like a tomato, after steaming; others are so hard that it is impossible to pare them; from these scrape out the pulp with a spoon after steaming; others still, are better to be pared before steaming. When soft and watery after cooking, dry in the oven before mashing, and again afterwards if necessary. Some watery squashes have a rich flavor when well dried out.

Mashed Winter Squash

Saw squash in halves, remove the seeds and fibre with a spoon, cut into quarters or eighths, pare or not according to the variety, lay inside down in the steamer and cook over boiling water until tender. Remove from the shell if not pared, mash through a fine colander, season if soft with butter or cream and salt, or with salt only; if dry and mealy like the "Delicious," use plenty of milk and cream with salt. Beat well and serve.

Mashed Baked Squash

Bake halves of squash from which the seeds have been removed, cut side down until tender, 1-2 hours or longer. Scrape pulp clean from the shell, mash, add salt, beat well and serve. Baked squash is so sweet that it requires no seasoning but salt, though a little milk or cream may be added if it is very dry.

Baked Squash-Virginia Way

Bake pieces of desired size, the shell side up, on waxed paper in baking pan. Serve on platter, allowing each guest to season to taste, and eat from the natural dish.