Pokeberry-Carmine Cover berries with water, boil till the skins break, strain, add 1 cup of sugar to each pint of juice; boil, bottle, seal.

For Red, cook strained tomato to a thick pulp; or slice a bright red raw beet into cold water and let it stand on the stove where it will heat slowly to a little below the boiling point and strain.

For Green, bruise parsley, spinach, chervil, onion tops, chives, tarragon or lettuce, with or without lemon, and press out the juice for coloring.

For Yellow, steep saffron in boiling water for 1/2-1 hour and strain when cold.

When these colorings are not suitable, the so-called "fruit colors" for sale at the groceries may be used. Use only enough for delicate shades.