Whites Of Eggs And Cheese Souffle

One gill of white sauce, one ounce of grated cheese and two whites of egg whipped to a stiff froth; have ready the cheese sauce, mix it with the whites, and put in small rame-quin cases, and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. Must be served immediately.

Whites Of Eggs Fried In Batter

Poach lightly four whites in a poacher, dip into batter, made with whites of eggs, and fry in butter.

Curried Whites Of Eggs

Poach or hard-boil, not too hard, four whites, dish, and serve over them a curry sauce, and garnish the dish round with well cooked rice.

Or, take four whites of eggs, mix with a little curry powder, put in a pan with one ounce of butter, pepper and salt; stir until sufficiently cooked, and serve on hot buttered toast.

Scrambled Whites Of Eggs

Put four whites of egg with one ounce of butter into a pan with some pepper and salt, stir till sufficiently cooked, and serve on buttered toast. This can be varied by adding a little chutney, pickled walnuts, or a tomato skinned, with cayenne pepper or mustard stirred into it while it is cooking. Also, a little milk added to the butter when cooking makes a slightly different dish.

Whites Of Eggs Sur Le Plat

4 whites of egg A little butter

2 tablespoons milk Salt

Butter a pie dish or china souffle dish, put in the milk, pepper and salt, and drop the whites of egg into the dish, and bake in the oven in a tin of water till the whites are just set.

Whites Of Eggs In Cheese Sauce

Whip lightly four whites of egg, have ready some cheese sauce, and mix it with the whites of egg, and bake in a moderate oven for seven to ten minutes. It can be put into scallop shells or a small souffle dish. Serve at once.

Whites Of Eggs A La Tomato

Stew two or three tomatoes with a little water, salt, parsley and chopped onion. Drain off the water, pass the rest through a sieve, and put into an earthen dish with some oil and pepper, and let it fry for a few minutes. Then break four whites into it, and let them cook until they are set.

Whites Of Eggs And Cheese Fritters

Four whites of egg with as much grated cheese as will make a stiff paste; season with mustard, pepper and salt, and fry in butter a light brown.

Many other ways of doing whites of egg can be obtained by following ordinary egg recipes, substituting two whites for the whole egg.

Snowflake Toast

1/2 pint milk 1/2 cup cream 1 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons flour 2 egg whites Toasted bread

Heat the milk to scalding in a double boiler, and moisten the flour with the cream a little at a time. Rub until smooth; then stir into the hot milk. Cook about twenty minutes. Add the salt, and pour over the stiffly beaten egg whites, beating meanwhile. Moisten the toasted bread in a little hot milk or cream, and pour over the toast the above sauce.